About Running Revolution


The Running Revolution book

If you wanted to run, you could just put on some shoes and hope you won’t get injured.. but there is a better way!

The wildly popular natural running trend has changed the way we think about running, but it has also prompted many questions about method and technique: Have we been running the wrong way? And, have we been running in the wrong kind of shoe? Why is a forefoot strike better than a heel strike, and how can we transition between styles safely and effectively?

In this book you will learn:

  1. Essential warm-up routine and exercises that prepare and strengthen key muscles
  2. What the anatomy of the foot reveals about running mechanics
  3. A 4 week foolproof training program that will enable you to seamlessly transform your running

…and more!

Available everywhere September 30, 2014!

Learning from the book alone can be challenging. That’s why we created a first of a kind, online video series – Learn How to Run! It goes hand in hand with the Running Revolution book and helps to correctly visualize, as well as actually practice, the correct movement needed to run faster and avoid injuries.

Transition Program for Runners

Learn How to Run – Video Series

  • Play anywhere on any device
  • View and practice along with videos
  • Learn the theory the entertaining way
  • Do the exercises
  • Follow the flexibility routine
  • Use a proper training schedule

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